A few experiences within reach from Iganu 

Get into the car and absorb UNESCO World Heritage site, The Waterberg
It is the only savannah biosphere reserve in southern Africa and features a mix of
rock formations, formed over millions of years, significant San (Bushmen) rock art
sites and abundant bushveld plains that support a diverse array of fauna and flora

http://www.waterbergzip.co.za/ (zipline in Bela Bela)

The zipline is an adrenaline activity in Bela Bela, a tourist spot in the Waterberg region, and 90 minutes away from Iganu.


The beauty about local travel is discovering a far-fetched village in the middle of the sticks.
Come and explore the ancient “Waterberg Red Beds” near Marken, Iganu South Africa’s
home. September is devoted to the tourist in South Africa. Chat to us about safe, but
possible, post-pandemic deals for the spring.